Who Makes the Rules?


I don’t generally worry about how other people perceive my life, or me as a person. It doesn’t bother me if people don’t think I’m making the right life choices because it’s not their life, it’s mine. However recently I was telling someone about all my plans for the future and they made a comment that really got under my skin. ‘When are you ever going to commit to a job? You’re too old to just leave your job and go away!’

I could have just laughed it off because lol I’m 25 and I’m not too old for anything (except maybe Oceana), but I didn’t. I was offended. It made me feel uncomfortable, like my outlook on life deemed me not good enough. Society expects us to leave university, get a career and stick with it. To progress in our chosen path, to never be jobless, to be safe and secure and predictable. I don’t know about you but to me  that whole idea seems rather old fashioned. Who makes the rules? Why should society or any person in it say what I can and can’t do with my life

I don’t have any responsibilities at the moment. I don’t have a house or kids or even my own pet, I’m not relied upon by anyone to provide anything. I don’t have a life ambition to reach a specific job by the time I’m 30, I don’t need to get started on a career path that requires 8 bazillion years of studying. I have lots of life ambitions, but going off and doing different things is going to help them, not take away from them. I don’t want to run away from life, I want to create it.

Life is about having a multitude of experiences, creating a portfolio career. So when you finally find your ideal job you have loads of relevant experience to draw on from different fields. Not ‘committing’ to a job might sound like a negative, but is it really negative when you’re actually committing to yourself? Committing to making your life the best it can be and going outside of your comfort zone, giving yourself the opportunities to achieve more.

I want to see the world. I want to immerse myself in as many cultures as possible, try on a different way of life for size and see how it fits. Meet people from backgrounds completely different to mine, work with them and exchange stories with them and befriend them. I want to wake up to a hundred different skylines, put my toes in every sea, eat every cuisine and all the cringe cliches under the sun.

All of that takes money, I know. So I’ll do what I can when I can and make the most out of what I have. I’ll find experiences that are more than just traveling and offer me a new way of life for a little while. Yeah maybe it might be a good idea to save for ‘the future and stuff’. But why? I don’t know what my future holds, so why do I need to save for it? What exactly am I saving for? We can always earn more money but we only live once. I live in the moment and always have done. At some point certain things will happen in my life and I’ll need to plan for the future and settle down and save. But not yet.


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