30 Weird Things We Did Growing Up



1. Swapped clothes when we were nowhere near similar sizes. Result = very inappropriately dressed joy and very oversized boyfriend style dressed grace. Styling it out.

2. Pretended that I went to school as a fun game (home school freak), fake uniform and all.

3. Created a makeshift bed on the floor of the living room every Saturday morning in prime position to watch The Parent Trap. Every Saturday.


4. Chocolate was also only allowed on Saturdays, the one naughty food day of the week. Until we grew tall enough to access the chocolate cupboard and smart enough to realise we could take chocolate out any day of the week.

5. Prepared shows whenever one of us went out to perform on my mums bed when they returned.

6. Played ‘The Dark Game’ and never learnt the lesson that it always ended in pain and tears.

7. Watched the jungle book every day for a good few months.

8. Went around the house combining every type of toiletry and liquid and food in a jar to make George’s marvellous medicine.

9. Put blue food colouring in scrambled eggs to prove that it doesn’t matter what food looks like, it still tastes great.

10. Dressed up like Cinderella every Friday night for dinner and Shabbat Shalom Jewish festivals.


11. Pretended to marry our male child friends then ran away from them when it got to the kissing part.

12. Had parties where we played the dressing up race, Simon says, and the Octopus game, then listened to S Club 7 and pretended we were at a real disco whilst we ate sponge fingers.

13. Made dens out of all the blankets and duvets and cushions we could find, hanging them over lamps that were switched on and then burnt said duvets (small fun fact: I found this exact duvet style in the oxfam festival shop last week and turns out every girl I spoke to had the same one. Oh classic girl duvets of the 90s).


14. Practiced being a hairdresser on my barbies then cried when I realised it wouldn’t grow back.

15. Created a tradition of dancing in front of the bathroom whenever someone was bored on the toilet. The snake move and Egyptian dance became regular features.

16. Read books to each other in the bath. I don’t want to admit how old I was when I stopped doing this.

17. Played card games on the table of every restaurant we went to after ordering our meals. Then not allowing the waiter to put our meals down until someone had won sevens or trumps.

18. Every time we finished a meal at a restaurant, we passed the time by combining remaining foods with all the condiments on the table in a glass just for funs.

19. Got naked a lot on holidays. If you can’t do it on holiday when can you? Naked in the sea, naked on the terrace, naked hair dying activities…

20. Kissed the ground of the airport after holidays because I was so sad to leave.

21. Performed a Britney themed show on top of a mountain in Scotland. That was actually such a normal occurrence I’m not sure if it fits in this list.

22. Played very loud dinner games in quiet restaurants where it definitely wasn’t appropriate. The animal noise game was a particular favourite.

23. Re-enacted the Harry potter films. Like, seriously, word for word. I made a great Quirrel. ‘But master you are not stronggg enough’.

24. Spent whole weeks formulating plans to build our own version of hogwarts and take over the world.

25. Discovered the music channel and had it on all day every day until we could perform the dance to Christina Milian’s AM to PM perfectly.

26. Watched Crossroads then made our own time capsule with photos and homemade craft representations of our life dreams. Apparently I wanted to be a pop singer who travels the world..

27. Dedicated whole days to dressing up in ridiculous outfits and dancing around London taking photos.

28. Went to Christian camp every year and made it the unlikely scene of adolescent discovery. Drank pink sidekick that we disguised as milkshake to fool our parents.

29. Made a website dedicated to Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales and posted photo stories featuring traffic cones.

30. Made videos of ourselves acting out plays we had written and dances we had choreographed. I don’t still do that what?!



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