15 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Summer Hits



1. Sun’s out… all other activities are not important, tanning time ALL the time. Maybe if I don’t use sun cream I will maximise tanning potential. Oh wait, why am I burnt? HOW have I not learnt this lesson after 24 years

2. I want to cover my whole body with henna. Flowers and leaves and paisley and swirly things EVERYWHERE. Okay I look like a forest stop stop stop.. Oh maybe just a deathly hallows symbol

3. I swear I shaved my legs yesterday where are those rogue hairs appearing from?!

4. So I’ve got sweat dripping down my back. Ahh yup, that’s a sexy look.

5. Beach waves are hard to achieve when half my hair is sticking to my neck and the other half has had a Monica style humidity disaster

6. No makeup today, just mascara. Summer is the time to detox and go au natural. Yep, I look great. *toilet trip* OMG WHY AM I SO RED AND SHINY

7. It’s so great that the heat makes you lose your appetite; I’m going to be so healthy and fit. Java chip Frappuccino?! Extra large please

8. This fan is definitely doing me more bad than good. Boiling hot air is being circled around my face and my hair looks like a deranged bird has made a nest in it

9. BBQ everyday yay yay yay. Ima buy all the burgers and chicken and salads and pimms. Wait a minute, how do you make this thing work…

10. 95% of this months wages need to go towards that lush holiday I’ve been planning all year. Oh but that dress will look so good on the beach of Croatia.. 50% off you say? Well it would be rude not to

11. It’s 5.30pm and the sun is hotter than it’s ever been. And I now have to go underground to get on a tube full of sweaty bodies. WHO INVENTED THIS MADNESS

12. Sunglasses are such great tools for people watching.. might employ this tactic all year round

13. Remember I made that resolution to exercise in preparation for summer like, 4 months ago? And it never materialised? Yeah, so that happened. Helloooo non-beach-ready body, you are now here to stay. Haters gonna hate

14. Summer is just not the time for working in an office. How about a 3 month sabbatical? Kthanks

15. That feeling when the sunrays are sinking into your skin and everything is right with the world is the BEST feeling. Please stay here forever sun I love you muchly ❤️


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