The Only Drink is Water



For the past 10 days I have undertaken the H2Only challenge. This is a fundraising campaign for the RNLI and the idea is you drink only water for 10 days whilst raising money to help the RNLI save lives at sea. People get really into this challenge and there are even cafés that pop up solely dedicated to water (don’t entirely see the point of this but hey-ho). I’ve been wanting to do a water only detox for a while and so when some colleagues decided to do H2Only I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. But boy has it been hard. Okay I’ll admit it now, I did cheat a lil bit at the weekend and had a few cheeky alcohols (but then realised I accidentally started early so don’t feel TOO bad). But other than that I have been strong and I have resisted caffeine for the whole 10 days, yes me hello healthy.

Part of the idea behind doing this was the hope that after depriving my body of caffeine for x amount of time I wouldn’t be reliant on it anymore and I would naturally have more energy. Sounds like the ideal right? No. If there’s one thing this water malarky has taught me it’s that I don’t just crave coffee and tea, I enjoy it. There’s nothing more satisfying than an indulgent coffee shop latte in the morning, and there’s nothing that gets you over that afternoon slump quite like a good cup of English breakfast tea. Each day it’s come round to teatime in the office I’ve had that sad little moment where instead of doing a tea round I go and fill up my bottle and drink yet more water. To be fair I’m probably mega hydrated right now because whenever I crave other forms of beverage I just drink water. And more water. I’ve been going for a lot of wees. I’ve also definitely saved money through the lack of coffee purchases so there’s that. But I just can’t see these traditions continuing once the challenge is over. I’m a woman of little self control and if I want a nice drink of tea or coffee I will have it. (Come at me Saturday morning tea.. Who’s turn is it?)

To be honest, I talk about saving money but when I think of the coping mechanisms I’ve employed I probably haven’t saved much at all. The first day I had such afternoon caffeine withdrawal that I had to go buy a bar of chocolate (any excuse..) I had the same problem the next day but forced myself to be semi-healthy so instead I bought chocolate covered rice cakes. Totally justifiable. This pattern continued for the majority of the ten days and I found that my mantra became ‘I can’t drink, but I can eat food’. If you want a surefire way to a fatty joyjoy, deprive her of all the beverages. Let’s hope the snacking stops once I’m back to my teas…

Other than caffeine, I haven’t found the water challenge toooo difficult. I never drink fizzy drinks or juices anyway so that wasn’t a problem. I know I cheated on alcohol but I genuinely believe that if there was a 10 day period with no weekend involved I could do it easily. Weekend activities are just too damn tempting. Maybe I’ll try the water challenge again… Jks, I need a coffee cocktail like asap.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause and make us feel good about our commitment to water then have a look at our fundraising page:



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