The Repercussions of a Rare Lazy Weekend



Last weekend was one of those rare ones that creeps up on you before you’ve made any plans. Having worked the previous weekend, I was rather excited by the prospect of a whole weekend to relax and recover from life. I planned to sleep, watch films, and eat many foods. So besides from an impromptu pub trip involving many games of pool, that is exactly what I did. And it was remarkably unsatisfying.

We tend to assume that in order to relax we need the polar opposite of our usual busy weekends, and so do absolutely nothing. But what this weekend proved was that doing nothing is actually more demotivating than being tired. It got to Sunday evening and I had consumed two dominos, watched Harry potter and far too much football, and not left the house once bar a brief outing to pick out carpet (not the most enthralling of trips). And all of a sudden I realised it was the start of a new week of work and I felt panicked and frustrated that I hadn’t used my weekend for anything productive or exciting. I would have no memories from my days off to make the Monday morning wakeup slightly more bearable.

Don’t get me wrong, spending chill time with my nearest and dearest was absolutely fabulous, my body definitely thanked me for the reduction in alcohol intake, and I wore no makeup or bra all weekend. Score. I’m not saying being lazy and making ramen and having ridiculous chats on the sofa isn’t enjoyable, I just think that if I’d maybe interspersed it with an activity or outing of some kind I might have felt like my weekend had amounted to something. Another downside of that feeling is that it’s now Thursday and I feel like next weekend should be beginning right now. I’m desperate for freedom and fun eventful days and evenings after only 3 days back at work.


At the end of the day life always comes down to balance. Attempting to balance out a weekend of no sleep and indulgent partying with one of all the sleep and not moving just isn’t going to work. A weekend in itself needs to be balanced, partying and making the most of life whilst still finding the time to relax and let your body recuperate from a hard week of work. Too often I will squeeze a multitude of plans into the weekend without allowing myself time to breathe. And it makes the following week of work a hella lot harder to get through. So allow yourself time to sleep, you deserve it. Just don’t let that sleep extend until Sunday night or your uneventful weekend will be over and you may possibly end up going mental.


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