Why Getting Over-Excited About Summer is a Good Thing



Everyone always makes fun of us Brits and the way we completely overreact when the sun shows it’s face in April. We get our legs out, put our coats away in the depths of the basement, eat ice lollies, have BBQs in the evenings even though we need blankets to stop from freezing, and sit out in the sun every chance we have, inevitably getting burnt. I can safely say that I am guilty of every one of these and the sun has only been out for a week. And I am not ashamed of that fact.

My belief is, we have suffered enough. Winter in England is so dreary and long we pretty much hibernate, going straight home after work because it’s dark and everything just seems 100x more effort when it’s cold or rainy. So when it gets lighter and sunnier why shouldn’t we make the most of it? We only have very limited months in which to partake in traditional English summer activities before the darkness takes over again. I don’t know about you, but I plan on having at least one BBQ a week from now on. Because why the hell not.

I actually find that I don’t realise how much I’ve missed the sun and what a difference it makes to my mood until it comes back into my life. And then I’m like OHMYGOD HOW HAVE I LIVED WITHOUT SUN. I need to be outside forever, drinking all the cider and listening to jazz and letting those beautiful rays sink into my skin. The sun is so uplifting it’s like an instant mood-changer, I can be underground in a grump and as soon as I emerge into light everything is forgotten and life is happy. And Londoners are happy. That’s a statement you don’t hear often but people on the streets of London genuinely seem more friendly and less ‘get out my way bitch’ in summer.

So really, getting over-excited about the sun is beneficial to life. You know, endorphins and all that shiz. You people with your year-round hot climates can laugh all you want, but I will get my legs out when it’s barely 15 degrees, and I will take my lunch to the park even if I have to fight for the only spot that’s not in tree shade. Because the sun is worth that fight. And I can put up with being freezing for 10 hours of the day if it means for 1 hour my pasty legs can get some happiness. They’ve been deprived of it for 6 months, they deserve it.


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