15 Reasons Staying In Is Better Than Going Out



Last weekend I went to Manchester which, by the way, is quickly becoming one of my favourite UK cities. I knew it was a really fun place to go out having visited before, but until now I hadn’t properly seen it in the light of day (when most normal people explore a city). On this visit I got the chance to walk across the city centre and was amazed by how pretty yet industrial, clean and spacious it is. From the place we were staying we had a lovely walk along the canal, and over a bridge under a bridge (I promise that makes sense). Given the time of year we obviously also had to visit the Christmas market for a mulled wine, which was absolutely heaving (slightly claustrophic-panic-attack making). Nevertheless it had the perfect winter wonderland atmosphere with a beautiful backdrop of the gothic Hogwarts-like Town Hall, albeit ruined somewhat by a massive tacky Santa Claus.

All this having built our excitement at being in Manchester, we were ready to go and experience the nightlife in the Northern Quarter to fully complete our Mancunian visit. However, one massive Chinese takeaway, 2 bottles of wine, and 3 Disney films later we were of a rather different mind. We could go out and drink overpriced cocktails and hangout with hipsters… OR we could put on our pyjamas and sing Chicago and Grease. We chose the latter. And this is why:

1. You can still get ridiculously drunk without breaking the bank; in our case spending was zero thanks to our Chinese takeaway freebie wine!

2. The nights outfit is pre-decided for you: pyjamas or sweats. No deliberating over which dress is the perfect balance between casual and dressy or which ridiculously uncomfortable pair of heels will be the most manageable.

3. There are all kinds of homemade fun to be had, and no public shaming for when games get slightly out of hand… classic board games with the addition of wine can become the most hilarious things in the world, whilst newer phone apps like Heads Up provide endless entertainment (with the one downside of losing your voice after so much shouting).

4. Speaking of entertainment, your living room can quickly become a Karaoke lounge through youtube singalong clips. You’ll probably sound even more like wailing cats without the presence of the general public holding you back, which the neighbours will be thrilled about.

5. You can actually have normal conversations without having to shout over horribly edgy dance tracks and shrieking 17-year-olds.

6. You have complete control over the music all night and can go wherever the mood takes you. Even if the mood takes you to Kisstory or Christmas music, that’s okay. I’m not here to judge. In fact I will wholeheartedly support you in those choices.

7. There’s no one to impress so appearance-wise there is very little effort required; legs can remain unshaved, makeup can be wiped away…

8. Instead of wasting time queuing in the rainy cold and dealing with rude bouncers or snobby door girls, you can be in the cosy warmth of your own living room with no need to move unless absolutely necessary.

9. You are at perfect liberty to lie on the sofa all evening. The sofa is your friend.

10. Another positive about not leaving the house – no dodgy taxis dropping you off down alleys or refusing to take you to cashpoints (yes this happened to me at the precise point my phone died leaving me to drunkenly run in the rain to the nearest open establishment and phone my dad). Also a great money-saver!

11. Your friends are always going to be within the vicinity of the house, meaning no having to search the disgusting club toilets or do “the circles” trying to find them.

12. You won’t be tempted to buy greasy cheesy chips from the takeaway next to the club which you will ultimately regret. Yes, you may end up craving food and cooking oven pizzas, but at least you will know exactly what you are eating!

13. Sleeping in your own bed means you avoid any possibility of an embarrassing walk of shame past commuters and fellow shame-walkers that make you think “oh god, is that what I look like..”

14. You can be proactive and do cultural things the day after (I had a lovely visit to the Manchester art gallery which made me feel all grown up and civilized), without feeling like death.

15. And best of all.. bed is only 10 feet away for when it all gets too much and you just want to lay your head on a pillow and sleep for eternity.



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