When does life slow down?


I’ve always been one to keep busy, multi-task, and say yes to everything as far as humanly possible. But surely there must come a point where life gets less busy? Last year I was constantly driving around the country; working in Bristol during the week and travelling to London or other various cities at weekends. Now I’m based in London with a new job surrounded by most of my friends, you’d think I could stay put a little bit more and take life as it comes. So why do I find myself knackered from the past three weekends of activities and travelling, with plans coming up for every weekend until Christmas? Are we forever destined to cram as much social and work related activity into our lives or do we ever get the chance to fully relax and live a bit more spontaneously without forward planning every minute of every day?

You could say it’s just a character trait of mine, that my organised nature means that I’m constantly choosing to make plans and my fomo means I never say no. I do find at times that I’ll be planning the week ahead and there’ll be an evening with nothing going on so I’ll find something to fill it, which seems contradictory when I complain about needing time to rest. But when I’m always trying to squeeze in dinners, gymming sessions, and sorting out my life; an empty diary slot equals an opportunity to do something that has been hanging around on the edge of my mind for weeks. And I doubt it’s just me. Every weekend seems to be someone’s birthday, someone’s leaving do, someone’s charity event, or simply payday and an excuse to go celebrate life.

So is being constantly busy really a bad thing? When I break it down in my mind, everything I have planned is of the utmost importance and definitely worth losing a nights sleep or missing the X factor for. But then I look ahead and count down the weekends until my birthday, and Christmas, and new years, and I freak out that in about a seconds time I’ll be 24 and it will be the year 2015. And I just want to hibernate by the fire for a weekend or a week or however long it takes me to recover from life.

I guess the solution comes down to balance. Doing all the socialising your body can handle whilst also taking time to sleep or have a bubble bath or play the piano or whatever gets you in that completely relaxed state, ready to face the next day of busyness. Rather than carrying on with everything you think you simply must do, whilst ignoring your body’s cries to stop and drink a peppermint tea on the sofa with the cat on your lap. Because let’s face it, at some point or another those bodily complaints will catch up to us and instead of turning down drinks with someone you couldn’t give a damn about, you’ll end up missing your best friends birthday because that cold finally won over. So from now on I’ll be reminding myself that having a night in (or three) a week is most definitely not a waste of time, it’s a necessary ingredient to full enjoyment of life.


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