14 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Season and Should Stay All Year



I am unashamedly obsessed with summer and all things related. Which is why I am presently in love with England and the phenomenally hot, beautiful summer we’ve had so far. I think I’ve been burnt at least 5 times already and it’s only July (sorry skin, at least you look lovely and tanned now). I’m one of those people whose mood is massively affected by the weather; I’ll wake up on an average day and walk outside into the sun and instantaneously all my worries will be gone and everyone will be gorgeous and everything I see will emulate happiness. On the flip side, walking out into the rain when I’ve woken up reasonably happy will turn my mood completely the other way. So suffice it to say the past few months have seen an overall happy Joy. And here’s a couple of reasons:

1. BBQs – any excuse to get out the barbie, cook some meat, and make a bowl of Pimms.

2. Cider – I’m not usually a cider drinker but there is nothing better than an ice cold glass of cider in a beer garden on a scorching day. Especially of the elderflower variety.

3. Jazz – beautiful summers day + cider + jazz = perfection. I wish I could have a jazz band following me around at all times to act like the backing track to my summer life.


4. Festivals – what better way to spend an English summer than camping in a field full of crazy people, drinking all day, watching unlimited live music, having no sleep, and getting muddy? I’ll take 5 weekends of that, please.

5. Tan – sure, the first sunny weekend we may go a little hardcore on the sunbathing and forget about sun lotion and end up like a lobster. But a couple of weeks later, a lot of moisturiser and some lessons learnt, we get that all important summer tan.

6. Summer clothes – ideal to show off the aforementioned tan (once this is achieved). The beginning of summer is a great excuse for a new wardrobe shop – summer dresses, dungarees, flowery shorts, bohemian holey shrugs with no purpose – anything goes once the English sun comes out.


7. Body and hair art – henna, glitter, flowers and feathers are the things of summer.

8. Happy folk – life in summer almost seems like one of those happy cheesy American movies, everywhere is full of people going about their happy day, jollilying along, and most importantly not being the grumpy busy British people they usually are.


9. Sunglasses – make you look cool, and allow you to people watch without anyone ever knowing that you have been full on staring at them for over 5 minutes.

10. Light evenings – staying out late when it’s still light and (almost) warm is the perfect end to any day in the sun.

11. Seagulls – as annoying as they are, hearing flocks of seagulls cawing outside my bedroom window means that in my half asleep daze I can imagine I’m at the beach and not getting up to go to work in 5 minutes.


12. Actually going to the beach – the epitome of any summers dream; sand and sea. Sand between your toes, sand in your sandwiches, sand in your phone – I’ll take it all for a day of contentedness lying on the beach. And if you get too hot you know that the English sea is always going to stay freezing, so there’s that.


13. Iced beverages – iced coffee is probably one of the best inventions of all time. Caffeine kick plus relief from the heat = winner. Ice cream, iced smoothies, iced milkshakes, iced slushy things – anything cold and delicious, gimme.

14. Frolicking – definitely my favourite word to associate with summer. Basically a miscellaneous term for every kind of sun related activity, frolicking is what we Brits do best.


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