Welcome back, child me


This weekend I got to relive my childhood. And it was amazing. We had planned a weekend away to Swansea, a prospect not all that exciting due to Swansea’s underwhelming reputation. Having driven 20 miles off route due to a satnav mishap and my inability to realise that 158 miles does not actually correlate to an hour and half (another such situation that shows me and Molly should NEVER GO OUT ALONE), we were slightly frustrated and ready for Swansea to disappoint. And sure enough as we drove into the city everything appeared rather backwards, industrial and, well, Welsh. I even convinced myself it was filled with old-style saloons before realising they were in fact what Swansea called hotels. However regardless of Swansea’s less-than-appealing traits, it became the setting for one of the most fun and childish weekends I’ve had in many years.

If there is one thing I recommend doing in your adult life, its this – go to an indoor playzone for an evening session. A group of 7 of us hit up Swansea’s own playzone with alcohol in tow, only to have it taken away by the over-friendly Wales bouncers. Not to worry, it was two-for-one on WKDs until 9 (classic kids). However once we’d entered the zone of play we came to realise that too much alcohol was probably a VERY bad idea. We didn’t want a vomcano all over the ballpit scenario – spinning around the spinny things made me sick enough without booze! What we discovered was that this was one place alcohol was not a necessary catalyst for fun but an opportunity to make our own fun through some good old games.


The most fun came from a simple game of ‘it’. Not even lying, this game felt like the most exercise I’d done, like, ever. I was actually terrified whenever I found myself chased by the ‘on’ person and ran for my life, culminating in a non-optional breather hiding inside a spinny apparatus. It was so intense we decided something less active was in order so began a game of sardines – much harder than you would think in a massive play area. Our chosen hiding spaces ended up being a claustrophobic inbetween jigsaw maze, underneath a slide area, and inside a tunnel slide which wasn’t the best idea as someone rather rudely thought they might like to slide down on top of us. The cheek.


Death slides were more scary and exhilarating than I ever remembered from my childhood; it took multiple attempts for us to actually force ourselves to let go (or for some people, not let go and end up going down backwards). Many mexican wave formations later, we still were not bored of being children but it was sadly closing so we were asked to leave. I think the inner child in us had emerged and didn’t want to subside after leaving the only place it is appropriate to act as such. The whole weekend ended up being hilariously childlike; we spent the next day on the beach taking photos of ourselves jumping in the air for a more-than-socially-acceptable amount of time and followed this by a hardcore arcade session of 2p machines and basketball hoop competitions.


All in all, Swansea provided the perfect outlet to escape boring adult realities of working life and have a little well-earned fun. It’s far too easy to get caught up in schedules and tasks and forget to let loose and enjoy yourself for no reason whatsoever. From now on I see it as my mission to have more ridiculous crazy outings and weekends – these are the kind of things you should make time for.


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