Wait, I’m not in the CIA?!


As of late I’ve become rather addicted to the Homeland series. Okay, make that obsessed. To the point that I will shout at the characters as if they can hear me and shriek with increasing volume as a scene is nearing its climax. I started watching when I was unemployed with aims of catching up in time for the third season – then trivial things like a job got in the way so I was waylaid. However this only added to the obsession as I spent the majority of the hours that I wasn’t working or otherwise occupied glued to the TV. Because of this, the stories and lifestyle of the characters involved have begun to infiltrate my mind and I have started thinking like a spy, if not fully believing that I am one at certain points.


I’ll be carrying on with my everyday life, going about some meaningless task when all of a sudden I’ll notice something slightly fishy or out-of-sorts and will start interpreting it as a mysterious ploy that it is my mission to unfold. Some might see this as paranoia; I simply see it as living vicariously through a fictitious life much more exciting than my own. I think watching 3 episodes of Homeland then going straight to bed definitely has the outcome of manipulating my brain so when I wake up I’m in CIA-mode, straight into the business of national security. The truth is I probably enjoy the show so much because I know my life could never be that eventful or dangerous so by engrossing myself in their lives it starts to feel like it is. I’ve always been that way, every morning before primary school me and my sister would watch Totally Spies (hardcore thriller action, I know), acting like we had their lives and in class later that day a secret entrance to a spy lair would open and we’d be laden with gadgets and sent out into the world to bring down the bad guys.

As fun as it is imagining I could save the world with my ninja spy skills, if that life were to present itself to me I think I’d run away screaming. I’m generally partial to a more relaxed sort of life where no one gets blown up and you won’t suddenly discover your husband is a terrorist. (Not that I have a husband, but if I did, I’d have hopes that he would be of the normal, non-terrorist sort). A life without explosions or double lives may sound boring when living through the on-screen action that comprises my evening entertainment. But when I come to think about it from the comfort of my bed, it occurs to me that having an exciting job is probably overrated. Lets be honest, there’s nothing more thrilling than spending all day sitting at a desk dreaming of going home and putting your feet up with a cuppa.


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