A bit of glass to the face


Part of me thought that with all the bad luck I’ve been having recently I’d be kind of done and maybe life would run a bit smoother for a while. Good joke. Apparently I am not destined for a smooth ride. Yet again life has decided to throw a ridiculous situation at me and given me some scars to tell the tale.

Having originally planned my usual crazy night of peppermint tea and bed before 10, somehow my sister convinced me to go out for “2 pound Tuesdays”… the name itself should’ve been enough to predict the end result of the night. A standard night at the local dive, Trinity, usually involves a fair amount of drunken shenanigans but I wasn’t expecting to come away battered and bruised.

I was just minding my own business wandering around the club and decided to go downstairs to find a friend. Bad decision Joy, bad decision. The evil stairs thought it would be fun to trip me up at the precise moment that a glass was smashed at the “landing point”. I ended up flying off the stairs and body slamming right onto the aforementioned broken glass. Apparently the noise of the slam was enough that later that night some random fellow came up to my friend and asked if he had heard that girl fall down the stairs. Not seen, heard.

Thankfully the friend I was looking for was nearby and lost his place in the bar queue to help me up (quite a commitment as it’s generally a half an hour wait for the 2 pound specialities Trinity has to offer). Note to self: if there is the possibility of falling down stairs onto broken glass, do not wear a crop top. Most of the glass appeared to have been located between the top and the bottoms so blood was pretty much pouring from the belly area. As the title suggests, I also got some glass to the face which could have caused a concussion so got taken into a dodgy-looking garage area by the bouncer to check me over.

My sister came with me for moral support and to make sure I didn’t get raped, and we sat in this garage whilst the bouncer looked at me, said “seems alright”, sprayed me with some stinging antiseptic stuff, put a plaster on my elbow and sent me on my way. Profesh. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the night dancing away with cuts all over me… most likely looking like a slightly crazy person, but odds are everyone in the bar was too drunk to notice.

Only when I got home around 3am and put my PJs on did I notice that an escaped piece of glass had been chilling down my top for the entire night. How I did not realise that I was dancing with some glass in my bra I cannot explain, but it had left me with a lovely gash on my boob that is most definitely going to scar! And so forever will these wonderful memories of the place we call Trinity remain, imprinted on my boob.


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